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Racing Engine

0W30 Racing Engine 0W30 was specially developed for long-distance racing in LMP2 with modern engines from developed by Nissan. In addition, the product can be used universally in modern passenger car diesel and petrol engines and shines here with its extremely low oil consumption and noticeable fuel savings. Due to the low tendency to evaporate, the product is also excellently suited for use in diesel particle filters, despite the high additive content.

Product info

Racing Engine 0W30 is a fully synthetic engine oil of the latest generation, specially developed for Endurance racing in the LMP2 with the modern engines from Nissan. Only they come
The highest quality base oils and additives are used, which make this product unique and superior in the following areas:

• Extremely high wear protection and low friction
• Outstanding high-temperature properties, i.e. highly resilient and stable lubricating film even under extreme thermal stress
• Excellent cold start properties, outstanding low temperature properties
• Extremely low oil consumption and perfect sealing in the area of the piston rings, thus perfect protection of downstream exhaust gas treatment technology (particulate filter, ...)
• High shear stability and thus safe viscosity even under the highest mechanical stress over a long period of time
• Extreme oxidation and aging stability prevent sludge formation

Specifications and approvals

API SL/CJ-4, ACEA E6, E7, E9 (ausgenommen Zink und Phosphor Limits)



Capacity specification


Apply filed

Gasoline engine