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Racing Gold

0W40 Racing Gold 0W40 has been specially developed for endurance motor sports at extreme operating conditions. This product is very well suited for universal usage in all modern passenger cars, either diesel or petrol engines.

Product info

Fully synthetic motor oil of the new generation. The exclusive high quality base oils and additives, which are used, make Racing Gold 0W40 unique and superior in the following areas:
• Very high protection from wear and tear and slight friction
• Excellent high temperature properties, thereby also at extreme thermal uses, a highly stressable and sturdier lubricating film 
• Excellent cold start and lower temperature starting 
• Infinitesimal oil usage and perfect sealing in the piston rings area 
• High shear stability and with that a safe viscosity, also at the highest mechanical pressure over a long time frame 
• Extreme oxidation and altering stabilities prevent the build up of slime 
• Excellent cleaning properties

Specifications and approvals


PHI OIL recommendations

MB-Approval 229.3, 229.5; VW 502.00, 505.00; RN 700/710; Porsche A40; BMW LL-01



Capacity specification


Apply filed

Gasoline engine