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Food Grease Solid Gold

EP2 Food Grease Solid Gold EP2 is a high-performance grease for universal application (rolling and sliding bearings, slide bar storage) wherever NSF H1 registration is required.A product with all-round properties for all types of bearings with excellent high-pressure properties.

Product info

Food Grease Solid Gold EP2 is a high-quality grease based on aluminum complex soap thickener,fully synthetic base oil and white solid lubricants. The product contains antioxidants and EP / AW additives. This combination makes the product ideally suited for all applications where a directContact with food can occur. Food Grease Solid Gold EP2 is characterized by the following properties:
•Excellent pumpability even at very low temperatures
•Excellent oxidation resistance even at extremely high temperatures
•Very high pressure absorption capacity
•Very adhesive
•Excellent runflat properties due to white solid lubricants.
•Suitable for food machinery

Capacity specification