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Universus GT Silver

75W80 Specially developed universal lubricant for construction machinery and tractors (UTTO) for lubrication and power transmission in combined hydraulic and transmission systems including wet brakes, construction machine axles and hydraulic power units. Universus GT Silver 75W80 is ideally suited as a problem solver for squeaky wet brakes.

Product info

Modern, universal hydraulic and gear oil based on semi-synthetic and fully synthetic base oilsAdd the most advanced additives to achieve the following outstanding properties:
•High and stable viscosity index
•Very low pour point and therefore excellent low temperature properties
•Excellent high temperature and oxidation stability
•Very high pressure absorption capacity and excellent wear protection properties
•Extremely favorable coefficient of friction behavior with wet brakes and in powershift clutches
•Excellent protection against corrosion and foaming

Specifications and approvals

API GL4 LS;SAE 75W-80;SAE 10W-20;Volvo WB 102;Caterpillar TO-2;Allison C-4

PHI OIL recommendations

ZF TE-ML 03E, 05F, 06K;John Deere JDM 20A/C;Ford M2C 134-D;MF M-1135, 1141, 1143, 1145;Case MS 1206, 1207, 1209;CNH MAT 3525;HVLP-D, covers the viscosity classes ISO VG 32,46 and 68 (exceeds DIN 51524/3)

Capacity specification