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HD 46 Durafluid HD 46 is ideal for use in heavily loaded hydraulic systems in the industrial,Construction and agriculture suitable, especially at highly fluctuating operating temperatures, highestLoads and possible condensation.

Product info

Durafluid HD 46 is a multi-range hydraulic oil type HVLP-D. High quality base oils and a modern,Carefully matched additive package gives this oil the following exceptional properties:
•Excellent multi-grade properties due to a high viscosity index (VI)
•Very short response times even at low temperatures
•Excellent anti-wear properties
•Very good detergent and dispersing effect
•Good anti-stick-slip effect, which prevents stick-slip
•Very good oxidation and corrosion protection effect
•Good air and water separation capacity
•Low foam tendency
•Very good compatibility with the usual sealing materials
•Low pour point

Specifications and approvals

DIN 51524/3 (exceeds): HVLP-D 46 DIN EN ISO 6743/4: HV 46Durafluid HD 46 covers the viscosity range of several conventional HLP hydraulic oils

Capacity specification