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Durafluid HD Silver

10W Durafluid HD Silver 10W is ideal for use in highly loaded hydraulic systems in theConstruction industry suitable, especially at strongly fluctuating operating temperatures, highest loads andpossible condensation. The product allows prolonged oil change intervals and especially inConstruction machines of the brands Caterpillar or Komatsu with specification SAE 10W a very economical alternative.The product should not be used if in the oil-wetted area of the hydraulic system silver-containing orsilver plated components are included.

Product info

Durafluid HD Silver 10W is a type HVLP-D hydraulic oil. Very high quality synthetic base oils andmodern, carefully matched additive package give this oil the following exceptionalProperties:
•Excellent multi-grade properties due to a high and very shear-stable viscosity index (VI)
•Very short response times even at low temperatures
•Excellent anti-wear properties
•Very good detergent and dispersing effect
•Excellent aging stability, which makes very long oil change intervals possible
•Very good oxidation and corrosion protection effect
•Exemplary air separation capacity
•Particularly low foam tendency
•Very good compatibility with the usual sealing materials
•Significant energy savings compared to conventional HLP oils
•Very low pour point

Specifications and approvals

SAE J300: 10W;DIN 51524/3: HVLP-D 46;ISO 11158: HM

Capacity specification