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DCG Gear Oil APPROVED ATF DCG has been developed for use in modern dual clutch transmissions.

Product info

Very high quality transmission fluid for dual-clutch transmission based on high-quality syntheticBase oils and specially selected additives which give the product the following outstanding properties:
•Very low pour point
•High and stable viscosity index
•Excellent oxidation stability
•Very good wear protection
•Effective protection against corrosion and foaming
•Perfectly matched and stable friction coefficient ensures consistently good performance of the clutches
•Compatible with the usual sealing materials

Specifications and approvals

API GL-4;Daimler Truck DTFR 13C120;MB 236.21, 236.24, 236.25, 239.21, SLS A0019898603; Honda MTF III;Suzuki 99000-22B27-036 GM FFL-4;MCLAREN FFL-4;BMW MTF LT-5, DCTF-1/-2, DTF 1, FFL-4, MTF LT-3, 83220306816, 83220397244, 833220440214, 83222147477, 83222148578, 83222148579, 83222167666, 83222409710, 83222433157;VW G052171, G052178, G052182, G052512, G052513, G052527, G052529, G052726, G052798, G055512, G055529, G055549, G060726, G070726, G009317, TL 52182;Porsche 000.043.20,,, 000.043.305.63, 999.917.080.00, 999.917.080.01, 999.917.546.00, TF 0870;PSA 1618078480, 9730 A8, 9734 S2, JWS 2271;VOLVO 1161520-7, 1161839, BOT341 #1161838;Renault 7711785243, BOT450 EDC 6-Speed, DC4, DW5;Fiat 9.55550-DA11, 9.55550-MZ2, 9.55550-MZ6;Nissan 999MP-6TRT00P, DCT Fluid, GR6, GT-R R35, LV MTF-1;Ford F-DC, WSS-M2C200-D2, WSS-M2C200-D3, WSS-M2C200-E1, WSS-M2C218-A1, WSS-MSC936-A;Ferrari TF DCT-F3;Mitsubishi Dia-Queen SSTF-1;Chrysler 68044345 EA & GA;TOYOTA 0888581001, JWS 2271, LF, LV 75W MT

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