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Permiline PG Gold

460 This fully synthetic industrial gear oil was specially developed for the lubrication of heavily loaded worm gears and effectively prevents foaming there. Permiline PG Gold 460 can also be used universally in heavily loaded industrial gearboxes. In comparison with mineral oils for theseApplications are possible significantly longer oil change intervals. This oil must not be used ifAluminum or aluminum alloys are present.

Product info

High quality fully synthetic industrial gear oil based on polyglycols. Special additives have the following properties:
•Natural, high viscosity index
•Excellent high and low temperature properties
•Very good and stable high-pressure capacity under impact load
•Very good oxidation stability
•Long lifetime
•Neutral behavior towards non-ferrous metals
•Extremely low foam tendency
•Strong reduction of friction losses

Specifications and approvals

DIN 51517-3: CLP PG 460

Capacity specification