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Bio Degreaser

MMB Bio Degreaser MMB can be used diluted as well as undiluted. It can be applied to the object to be cleaned with a brush or high-pressure cleaner, or the object can be immersed in the liquid. Leave the product for a while and then rinse with water. AroundTo prevent corrosion, allow to dry well or blow dry with compressed air. Because Bio Degreaser MMB noContains hydrocarbons, there is no risk of fire and a suction is not necessary.

Product info

Bio Degreaser MMB is an environmentally friendly, very strong water-based cleaner. It is about aalmost neutral microemulsion without hydrocarbons. This degreaser contains no harmful additives andhas the following properties:
•Very good skin compatibility
•High biodegradability
•No rusting
•Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Capacity specification