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Bio Tack

68 Bio Tack 68 was specially developed for the consumption-optimized lubrication of bed tracks and chain hoists during timber transport. In addition, it is excellently suited for the lubrication of high-speed chainsaws. Due to its excellent lubricating properties and its adhesion, it leads to the reduction ofFriction and wear and is due to the special design for longer life.This product is not suitable for the lubrication of drive motors!

Product info

This saw chain adhesive oil is made from selected, fully biodegradable vegetable oils.Carefully selected additives are added to improve the adhesion and lubricating properties of the oilespecially to optimize in mixed friction range. Even at high temperatures, the oil retains its excellent adhesion to the chain. Effective antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors last a long timeLonger service life and protect the chains even with small gaps from corrosion.

Specifications and approvals

HETG;VDMA 24568;ISO 15380;Ecolabel

Capacity specification