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Moulding Oil OBR

The usual mixing ratio is 1 part MoldingOil OBR to 9 parts water (10%).The order of mixing must be strictly adhered to by mixing Molding Oil OBR into the water andnever vice versa!Molding Oil OBR can also be used for uncoated wood formwork. Is the formwork forFor the first time, if the wood is very dry, the formwork should first be saturated with water. Is thefinished emulsion has been used for some time, it can lead to a yellow discoloration. Then is before usevigorous stirring necessary.Attention: Molding Oil OBR is a maximum of 9 months!

Product info

Emulsifying formwork oil for the concrete industry for building houses, buildings, tunnels and bridges.Molding Oil OBR forms a so-called oil in water emulsion with limited stability. Once on theFormwork applied, breaking the emulsion quickly, whereby the effect is enhanced. If correctApplication, the following outstanding properties are achieved:
•Very little sticking of the concrete to the formwork
•Quick and easy release of the formwork
•Prevents the formation of small holes on the concrete surface
•Keeps the concrete dust-free
•No discoloration of the concrete surface

Capacity specification