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CVT APPROVED ATF CVT was developed for universal use in modern continuously variable CVT transmissions and is suitable for both CVT chains and CVT push belt drives.

Product info

Very high-quality transmission fluid for continuously variable transmissions based on high-quality synthetic base oils and specially selected additives that give the product the following excellent properties:
• Very low pour point
• High and stable viscosity index
• Outstanding oxidation stability
• Very good protection against wear
• Effective protection against corrosion and foam formation
• Works very well against occurring oscillations and vibrations
• Compatible with the usual sealing materials

PHI OIL recommendations

Toyota CVTF TC/FE Nissan NS-1, NS-2, NS-3 Honda HMMF/HCF2 Subaru ECVT, iCVT, iCVT FG, NS-2 Hyundai SP-III Chrysler Jeep NS-2 Mitsubishi SP-III/CVTF-J1/J4/J4+Daihatsu Ammix CVTF DC/DFC/DFE MB 236.20 Ford WSS-M2C928-A VW G052 180, G052 516 Mini Cooper EZL799/EZL799A Suzuki CVTF TC/NS-2/CVT Green 1/Green 2/Green 1V Subaru Lineartronic High Torque (HT) CVTF Subaru Lineartronic chain CVTF/CVTF II



Capacity specification


Apply filed

CVT transmission only