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Slideway Oil

100 This oil is both as a bed track oil for lubrication of sliding and guideways with a variety ofMaterial pairings including plastic coating (epoxy or Teflon), as well as for lubricationof gears in the industrial sector ideally suited.

Product info

Universal lubricant for lubrication of slide and guide tracks of all types of machine tools. High quality mineral base oils and a carefully matched additive combination give thisOil following properties:
•Excellent pressure absorption
•Excellent wear protection
•Very good adhesive properties on metallic surfaces
•Effectively prevents "stick-slip"
•Excellent protection against corrosion and foaming
•Very good compatibility with cooling lubricants
•Good filterability
•Excellent demulsifying properties

Specifications and approvals

DIN 51517-3: CGLP 100

Capacity specification