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Semi-Fluid Grease 500 Gold

EP 00 Semi-Fluid Grease 500 Gold EP00 is a modern performance product. It is ideally suited for universal application both in central lubrication systems of mobile devices that require fluid grease and in industrial applications such as gearbox lubrication.

Product info

Semi-Fluid Grease 500 Gold EP00 is a lithium complex saponified EP grease based on highly viscous fully synthetic base oils combined with state-of-the-art EP / AW additives, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants.This results in the following outstanding properties:
•Exceptional mechanical stability: thickener and oil do not separate even at very high pressures and long residence times in the system.
•Excellent conveyability even at low temperatures
•Very good protection against corrosion and oxidation
•High pressure absorption capacity and thus wear protection

Capacity specification