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Gear Oil Alcat

30 This oil was developed for the lubrication of power transmissions, balancers, final drives and hydraulic systems of earthmoving equipment, but especially for transmissions that are prescribed for an oil according to specification Caterpillar TO-4 or Allison C4.Do not use this oil as engine oil!

Product info

Power transmission oil for hydraulic and transmission systems based on selected solvent refinerates, which have the following properties by adding special additives:
•Low pour point
•Very high oxidation stability
•Most protection against wear, which ensures a longer service life of the final drivesbecomes.
•Special friction characteristics that guarantee optimum use of power transmissions.
•Suitable for systems with wet brakes
•Most protection against corrosion and foaming

Specifications and approvals

Gear Oil Alcat 30

PHI OIL recommendations

Caterpillar TO-4;Komatsu KES 07.868.1;Allison C4 / TES-439

Capacity specification