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Supergear Bronze

85W90 LS This gear oil has been specially developed for use in differential with differential locking gears, also inSelf-locking, hypoid gears ensure proper lubrication.

Product info

Supergear Bronze 85W90 LS is a gear oil based on high quality solvent refines. Special additives give this lubricating oil the following outstanding properties:
•Very good oxidation resistance
•Excellent EP properties and thus effective wear protection
•Very good protection against corrosion and foaming
•Excellent limited slip properties (limited slip)
•No noise when cornering

Specifications and approvals

API GL-5 LS;Mil-L-2105 B, C, D;ZF TE-ML-05C, 12C, 16E, 21C

PHI OIL recommendations

Ford M2C 104 A

Capacity specification