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B8 This transmission fluid was specially developed for use in ZF 8HP transmissions (8HP45, 8HP55, 8HP70, 8HP90) developed and, thanks to its low viscosity, contributes to reducing consumption. In addition, the product can used in some ZF 6HP transmissions of VAG models.

Product info

Very high-quality transmission fluid for automatic transmissions based on high-quality base oils and special selected additives that give the product the following excellent properties:
• Very good oxidation stability
• Very good protection against wear
• Effective protection against corrosion and foam formation
• Constant coefficient of friction behavior over an extremely long service life
• Optimized friction behavior for fast and smooth shifting
• Compatible with the sealing materials commonly used in automatic transmissions
• Green colored

Specifications and approvals

VAG G-060-162 BMW 8322 2152426 BMW 2289720 (ATF 3+) Chrysler 68157995AA Fiat 9.55550-AV5 Jaguar 02JDE 26444 Land Rover LR023288

Capacity specification