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Motodor Silver

10W40 Universal all-season engine oil for all naturally aspirated and supercharged diesel enginessevere operating conditions, even if extended by the engine manufacturer oil change intervals providedare. This product is suitable for use in Euro 3, 4 and 5 engines, also in combination with low sulfur diesel fuel. Motodor Silver 10W40 has been released by renowned engine manufacturers for extended oil change intervals (80,000 - 120,000km).

Product info

Motodor Silver 10W40 is a very high quality, semi-synthetic all year smooth running engine oil. Carefully selected synthetic base oils and well-matched additives give this product the followingexcellent properties:
• Exceptionally high detergent action, which almost excludes residue formation in the combustion chamber
• The formation of cold sludge and residues in the engine and oil sump is largely prevented by the excellent dispersibility - the pistons, rings and grooves remain clean
• Optimal protection against corrosion, oxidation and sludge formation
• Best possible protection against wear on piston rings, cylinder walls and bearings
• Shear-resistant agents ensure a high, stable viscosity index
• Low sulphated ash content
• Fuel economy

Specifications and approvals

API CI-4;MB-Freigabe 228.5;Volvo VDS-3;Scania LDF-2;ACEA E4, E7;MAN M3277;Deutz DQC III-10;Renault VI RLD-2 / RXD;MTU Typ 3, DDC BR 2000 und 4000, MTL 5044 Typ 3;DAF (meets ACEA E4);Cummins CES 20078

Capacity specification