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Turbosynth LSP

10W40 This fuel-efficient engine oil was specially developed for diesel engines among the heaviestOperating conditions for all seasons. Turbosynth LSP 10W40 is excellent for theUse in EURO 4 and 5 engines in combination with low-sulfur diesel fuel as well as for theApplication in so-called EGR engines with or without particulate filter. Turbosynth LSP 10W40 is suitableExcellent for use in buses and commercial vehicles powered by natural gas (LNG and CNG engines). This engine oil is a "low SAPS" lubricant.

Product info

Turbosynth LSP 10W40 is a high quality and fuel efficient synthetic engine oilbased on the latest additive technology. This combination gives the product the followingexcellent properties:
•Exceptionally high detergent action, the formation of residues in the combustion chamber almostexcludes
•Cold sludge and residue formation in engine and sump are characterized by the excellentDispersibility largely prevented; Pistons, rings and grooves remain clean
•Optimal protection against corrosion, oxidation and sludge formation
•Best possible protection against wear on piston rings, cylinder walls and bearings
•Shear-resistant agents ensure a high, stable viscosity index
•Low sulfate ash, phosphorus and sulfur content ("low SAPS")
•Fuel economy

Specifications and approvals

ACEA E6, E7;MAN M3477;MB-Freigabe 228.51;Volvo VDS-3;API CI-4;Renault VI RLD 2;Mack EO-N;DAF (meets ACEA E4-99, E6)

PHI OIL recommendations

Deutz DQC III-10 LA;MTU 3, 3.1;Cummins CES 20076, 20077;JASO DH-2

Capacity specification