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Motodor S3 Silver

10W40 This fuel-efficient engine oil was specially developed for diesel engines under the most severe conditions of use in all seasons. Motodor S3 Silver 10W40 is excellent for use in EURO4, 5 and 6 engines in combination with different diesel fuels as well as for engines with or without exhaust gas cleaning system.

Product info

Motodor S3 Silver 10W40 is a high quality engine oil based synthesis technology and thelatest additive technology. This combination gives the product the following outstanding properties:
•Exceptionally high detergent action, which almost excludes residue formation in the combustion chamber
•Cold sludge and residue formation in the engine and sump are largely prevented by the excellent dispersibility; Pistons, rings and grooves remain clean
•Optimal protection against corrosion, oxidation and sludge formation
•Best possible protection against wear on piston rings, cylinder walls and bearings
•Shear-resistant agents ensure a high, stable viscosity index


Specifications and approvals

ACEA E4, E7;Scania LDF-3;MAN M3277;MB-Freigabe 228.5;Volvo VDS-3;API CF;Renault VI RLD 2 ;Mack EO-N
* Manufacturer approvals under a different name, on request, these can be detected at any time on the product batch.

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