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Universus GT Gold

5W40 This Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) has been part of an extensive research programdeveloped. The aim was to cover the following areas of application with a single oil:
•Engine oil for petrol engines and (turbo) diesel engines
•Transmission oil (including wet brakes)
•hydraulic oil

Product info

Modern fully synthetic multi-purpose oil for agricultural machinery, excavators and construction machinery. ForUniversus GT Gold 5W40 uses selected synthetic base oils that are in common with thisPurpose developed synthetic additives produced this universal lubricantgive the following properties:
•High dispersing and detergency
•Optimum protection against wear and corrosion
•Hardly foaming
•Extremely high oxidation resistance
•Excellent high pressure properties
•High and stable viscosity index
•Extremely low pour point and therefore excellent low temperature properties


Specifications and approvals

API SF / CF-4;API CI-4 soot control;API GL-4 LS;Mil-L2104D;ACEA E4, E7 wear, soot, cleanliness; Allison C4;Cat TO-2;HVLP-D, covers the viscosity classes ISO VG 46,68, 100 and 150 (exceeds DIN 51524/3)

PHI OIL recommendations

Ford M2C 159B;John Deere J27;MF M 1145 (1143, 1144);Fendt Vario;ZF TE-ML 06B, 06D, 06F, 07B  

Capacity specification