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Permiline HC Gold

220 Permiline HC Gold 220 is ideally suited for the lubrication of heavily loaded gearboxes and gearboxesStorage systems even under high thermal load.Due to the significantly longer possible oil change intervals and significant energy savings as wellunproblematic application, these products are also ideal for a wide range of industrial applicationssuitable.Due to this universal applicability, Permiline HC Gold 220 is ideal for simplifying the variety.

Product info

Permiline HC Gold 220 is a modern, fully synthetic industrial gear oil. High quality PAO base oils anda carefully matched additive combination gives this oil the following properties:
•Very low friction coefficient
•High and stable viscosity index
•Significant increase in the efficiency of transmissions
•Excellent low temperature behavior
•Excellent high temperature stability
•Very good pressure absorption capacity even with impact loads
•Excellent protection against micro pitting
•Excellent protection against oxidation, corrosion and foaming
•Greatly extended service life and therefore oil change intervals
•Excellent miscibility with common mineral oils

Specifications and approvals

DIN 51517-3: CLP HC  

PHI OIL recommendations

Flender;US Steel 224;AGMA 250.04, 9005-D94;David Brown S 1.53.101

Capacity specification