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Permiline XP Bronze

220 Permiline XP Bronze 220 was developed for highly loaded industrial gearboxes and enables extremeextended oil change intervals. Pre-damaged surfaces are smoothed again.

Product info

Permiline XP Bronze 220 is a modern industrial gear oil. High quality mineral base oils and aExceptionally powerful additive package gives this oil the following properties:
•Excellent pressure absorption
•Very high aging and oxidation stability
•Lowered coefficient of friction, thus lower oil sump temperatures
•Excellent protection against corrosion and foaming
•Excellent wear protection that effectively prevents pitting or pitting and alreadyresulting surface damage again smoothed
•Compatible with sealants common in industrial gearboxes
•Excellent non-ferrous metal compatibility
•Low pour point

Specifications and approvals

DIN 51517-3: CLP

Capacity specification