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ZF D 68 Durafluid ZF D 68 is ideal for use in highly loaded hydraulic systems in the industry and inSuitable for mobile devices, especially in unfavorable operating conditions (damp, dirty atmosphere)a good cleaning action is required. Water and water-mixed cooling lubricants arewithout significant impairment of lubricity and corrosion protection properties.

Product info

Durafluid ZF D 68 is a high quality detergent high pressure hydraulic oil type HLP-D. Special,lend selected solvent raffinates and a carefully matched zinc and ashless additive packageThis oil has the following extraordinary properties:
• Very good detergent and dispersing properties
• Excellent anti-wear properties
• Excellent sliding properties that prevent stick-slip
• Very good corrosion protection effect
• Particularly low foam tendency
• Good compatibility with the usual sealing materials
• Zinc and ash free

Specifications and approvals

DIN 51524/2: HLPD 68;Abex Denison TP-02/100 filterability test is met

Capacity specification