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The product was originally developed for heavily loaded open gear drives such as ore mills. Byhowever, its high temperature properties make Alassca suitable for a wide range of applications wherehigh temperatures in combination with extreme loads. In contrast toAsphalt-based gear lubricants can be recommended for ball and roller bearings as well as plain bearings / bushes and open gears.

Product info

Grease based on "Alassca Complex", a new technology that marks the end of the era ofGear lubricant on bitumen or asphalt base marks. Alassca complex is a lithium / calciumComplex with high pressure additives, which are connected to the soap structure and thus secure access to theHave metal surface. Alassca is heat-resistant, has good anti-corrosion properties and is due toof enormous natural pressure absorption capacity throughout without solid lubricants.

Capacity specification